Heat transfer labels are used where other types of labels cannot be used.They can be used on very thin fabrics or they can be used instead of irritating labels on lingeries and t-shirts.Brand , size , fabric blends , washing instructions , manufacturer , and country are transferred to fabric directly.
Heat transfer are produced by using washing resistant inks , screen printing and flexo printing systems and designs are printed to papers and some special chemicals are added to labels.After these steps , labels are pressed on fabrics by presses.Fabrics must be resistant to high temperature.
Customers must notify our company for polyester fabrics.Microfiber fabrics need antimigration ; otherwise , dead inks on fabric try to surface and these visuals look bad.Our company asks for showing sensitivity to customers .Heat transfer labels cannot be possible on fabrics which have water repellency.
For these types of labels , screen printing can be better.

Pressure :4-6 bar
According to our customers requests , labels can be cold peeling or hot peeling ; otherwise , labels will be cold peeling.